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SEE VIDEO. Joe Robinson previews some of the issues that drive stress costs and reduce productivity. Joe has appeared on The Today Show and CNN, and has led programs for organizations from IBM, to Kellogg's, McDonald's, Pfizer, LEGO and Llamasoft.

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"They loved your presentation. Wow! You were fantastic." —Shari Morwood, VP, IBM

"Joe's focus and training were ideal--and perfectly timed for our needs and our workforce. The feedback from the managers was universally positive!" —Craig Willardson, President & CEO, Moark LLC, $700 million division of Land O' Lakes

"Was the workshop useful? 100% of employees said 'yes.' You offered tools that are easily implemented to make a significant difference in the workday." —Rachael Seupersad, City of Calgary

"Joe was an inspiration! The sessions with Joe were fun and interactive. He gave us valuable tools to carry forward.” —Charla Eversole, Truman Medical Center  

"Joe was dynamite! One of the highlights of the conference." —Shannon Stowell, Adventure Travel Assoc.

Thought Leader Series

Learn from the Science of Productivity in Joe's Articles for Entrepreneur Magazine

Get tips on productivity, stress management, innovation, work-life, and effective performance from Joe's articles for Entrepreneur Magazine, where he is a contributing editor. Multitasking expert David Meyer discusses the do's and don't's of managing multiple tasks. You may think you're doing two things at one time. You're not. The University of North Carolina's Barbara Fredrickson details how negative emotions undercut productivity, innovation, and profits, while positivity opens up the opportunities. Harvard's Leslie Perlow conducts office interventions to create smarter ways to work. See Articles (Hover over Blog tab)...

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Work-Life Balance Programs

Joe Robinson delivers work-life balance keynote


Get Proven Tools to Work Smarter, Cut Stress Costs, Boost Performance

We help your team navigate a crazy-busy world with tools that allow them to work more effectively, be more engaged, and build a better work-life. Joe Robinson (featured on CNN, Today) supports your staff with popular, research-based presentations that give them proven strategies to cut stress and overwhelm, control email overload, manage interruptions, increase productivity, and upgrade satisfaction on the job and off. Boost work-life survey scores and the bottom line with the fully engaged mind. See Programs... 

Employee Engagement, Productivity, Stress Management Workshops

 Teams are happier, more productive with work-life balance

Work Smarter, Live Better

A credible work-life balance program is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost performance and the bottom line. Our programs build the skills that fuel that success, providing tools to manage stress and overwhelm and improve health and life balance. More...

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Manage Crazy-Busy Work & Distractions

Are information overload, interruptions, and distractions driving attention and productivity south? Get tools proven by the science to increase focus, manage distractions, and get more done, from setting the terms of engagement with devices to interruption management. More...

 Stress management, calling

Cut the High Cost of Stress

Stress is contagious. It fuels crisis mentality, conflict, absenteeism, bad decisions, and higher health costs. This critical training offers the most effective tools to stop stress in its tracks. Shut off the false danger signal, and the stress stops in four minutes. More...

  Get "The Case for Stress Management"
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Supercharge Employee Engagement

Firms with the highest employee engagement deliver triple the shareholder return. We give your organization the tools to unleash the extra effort in every employee. Our program uses the latest science on motivation to drive self-initiative, trust, purpose and results. More...

Email Overload Tools

The Email Overload Survival Kit

Every email you send results in an average of six emails—three going, three coming back. They're like rabbits. They proliferate. It's time to spay and neuter email. Now you can put an end to message overload with “The Email Overload Survival Kit.” This 37-minute audio is the complete guide to email management. Cut the distraction derby with practical strategies you can put to work today. More...