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We help your team navigate a crazy-busy world with tools that allow them to work more effectively, be more engaged, and build a better work-life. Work-life balance leader Joe Robinson (featured on CNN, Today) supports your staff with popular, research-based presentations that give them proven strategies to cut stress and overwhelm, control email overload, increase productivity, and upgrade satisfaction on the job and off. Boost work-life survey scores and the bottom line with the fully engaged mind. See Work-Life Programs... 

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WORK-LIFE BALANCE: Working Smarter

A credible work-life balance program is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost engagement, morale, and performance. Our programs build the skills that fuel success, providing tools to manage stress, devices, and improve balance. More...

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TIME MANAGEMENT: Manage Crazy-Busyness and Overwhelm

Are information overload, interruptions, and distractions driving attention and productivity south? Get tools proven to increase focus, manage distractions, and get more done. More...

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STRESS MANAGEMENT: Calm in the Storm

Stress is contagious. It fuels crisis mentality, conflict, absenteeism, bad decisions, and higher health costs. This critical training offers the most effective tools to stop stress in its tracks. More...

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Firms with the highest employee engagement deliver triple the shareholder return. Give your organization the tools to unleash the extra effort in every employee. Drive self-initiative, trust, purpose and results. More...


Controlling the email habitYes, You CAN Control Endless Email

Every email results in an average of six emails—three going, three coming back. They're like rabbits. They proliferate. It's time to spay and neuter email. Put an end to the time-wasting and lost productivity with our "Control Email Overload" training. We help your team create systems based on the latest research that control unbounded messaging. Participants in the training get a free digital copy of Joe Robinson's  “Email Overload Survival Kit.” This 37-minute audio is the complete guide to email management. Cut the distraction derby with strategies you can put to work today. More...



Featured Post: Why Stress Makes Us Fat and Eat Junk

By Joe RobinsonTime_urgency_stress.jpg

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YOU MAY HAVE noticed something peculiar when you are under a lot of stress. Free will vanishes, and you become a refrigerator magnet, pulled to the doors of your Frigidaire, where the likes of Haagen Dazs and Sara Lee beckon. The metallic handles of your cupboards reel you in like a tractor beam for the Doritos. You are no longer in control of your ingestion system. Stress is now in charge of your appetite.

It turns out that chronic stress can not only lead to cardiovascular disease, strokes, irritable bowel disease and a host of other health problems, it also increases your appetite, and, in particular, your craving for the most fatty and sugar-packed foods...MORE