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ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE SLEEPING? Do you have high blood pressure? Stomach or bowel issues? These are among the many warning signs of stress, symptoms that you have a right to be concerned about. Stress is a factor in five out of the six leading causes of death in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control.

High levels of stress at the office or in other areas of your life are toxic to your health. Stress suppresses the immune system and shuts down digestion, making you susceptible to any number of problems, from coronary heart disease to irritable bowel to chronic fatigue syndrome. Dozens of studies show the connection between job stress and heart attacks.

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The good news is that you have the power to turn stress off. Our stress management programs for individuals, through stress management coaching and online classes, give you the tools from the science to contest stress, change the false self-talk that drives it, and turn off the danger signal. When you do that, the stress stops in four minutes.  


Get Stress Management Skills

IN AN ALWAYS-ON, UNBOUNDED WORLD, stress is rampant. If you don't challenge it, it can turn into chronic stress and then over time into burnout, which strips away all your coping resources—physical, mental, and emotional. That can lead to serious health consequences, including stroke and depression.

The key to managing stress is control. The less control you feel, the more stress. The more overwhelmed and out of control you feel, the more stress. When you think in the back of your mind, or say, "I can't handle it," or "I can't cope," that turns on the fight-or-flight process. My stress management training and coaching gives you skills to control stress triggers and reactions, because you CAN cope.

I help you get control over stress and overwhelm with stress management coaching and online stress management and work-life balance classes. You will learn how to manage the thoughts and emotions that fuel stress and get strategies to:

• Reframe and deactivate stress triggers
• Stop the hidden engine of stress: rumination
• Change self-talk and explanatory style 
• Build coping resources and resilience
• Control crisis mentality and time pressure 
• Deploy the most effective tension reduction processes 
• Stop burnout and rebuild depleted resources
• Improve time management and set boundaries
• Increase optimism and positive emotions


Manage Pressure and Perceptions

STRESS IS A BYPRODUCT of a brain that wasn't built for the social stressors of the modern world. It reacts to anything that overloads ability to cope with it as if you are about to die. The pressure is real, but the alarm is false, unless you are in imminent physical danger. 

Amygdala.jpgIt's not the stressful event or what somebody says or does that causes the stress. It's what we think about that event, our thoughts and perceptions that something has overloaded ability to cope with it, that fuel stress. We can change that by changing the story we tell ourselves about the stress. 

The stress response was never meant to go on for longer than the time it took to get out of harm's way, because it undermines health, suppressing the immune system, increasing the bad cholesterol, and shutting down digestion.


Stress Management Training via Coaching 

IF YOU ARE IN A HIGH-STRESS environment at work or elsewhere, Stress Management Coaching can help. I've helped thousands of people just like you get relief from stress and burnout. I work with you In one-hour consultations via Skype or phone. You learn how to reframe stress and manage demands, so they don't manage you.

Coaching is very effective at beating stress and burnout. And very fast. In a few sessions, clients are able to overcome long-running challenges that some tell me they have struggled with for years. Click the button below for details:

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Online Classes to Knock Out Stress & Burnout


YOU CAN ALSO GET stress management training by signing up for one of our online classes. They're convenient--every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday—available online wherever you are via Webex.

Besides the Stress Management course, you can also get a host of strategies to cut stress from our Work-Life Balance and Time Management courses.

You can view the class selection here, go to our online classes page, or click the buttons below to schedule and buy.

STRESS MANAGEMENT: CALM IN THE STORM. This class gives you the ability to manage demands, turn off the false danger signal of the stress response, and handle any challenge. Learn how to reframe stress, control anxiety, identify and deactivate stress and burnout triggers, build resilience, manage self-talk, and improve optimism.  


WORK-LIFE BALANCE: WORK SMARTER, LIVE BETTER. When work-life is out of whack, it's fertile terrain for stress and burnout. This class teaches you how to make adjustments at work and home to reduce overwhelm, chaos, and doing more than you can do well. Get control of demands, devices, set boundaries, and activate a gratifying life.


TIME MANAGEMENT: MANAGING CRAZY-BUSY OVERLOAD. If you are at wits end from email run amok, nonstop interruptions, or intense workload, this class will give you the tools to manage it all. You'll learn how to cut email volume, reduce distractions, increase focus and attention, exit time frenzy, prioritize the urgent over the important, and avoid Attention Deficit Trait and distractability. 



Manage Your Mind, Make Stress Optional 

STRESS THRIVES ON NOT being challenged. That gives the false beliefs behind stress a chance to entrench as real in our brains. We wind up thinking and ruminating about the stressful event over and over. Rumination takes a false belief and makes it appear real by giving it so much think time. But thoughts aren't real. Only experience is.

You can make stress optional today through our one-on-one coaching and online classes. What fear, anxiety, or stress would you like to send packing?

Click on one of the buttons above, or connect with me at the contact info below to set up a free introductory consultation. Free your mind, the rest will follow.


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