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Do you have trouble sleeping? High blood pressure? Stomach issues? These are among the many warning signs of stress, symptoms that you have a right to be concerned about. Stress is a factor in five out of the six leading causes of death in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control. Multiple studies show the connection between job stress and heart attacks.

Get the skills to stop stress in its tracks through one-on-one stress management and resilience coaching and training. Turn off the danger signal of stress, and the stress response stops in four minutes. It's a skill you can use for a lifetime. Learn how to:

• Manage presssure, deadlines, difficult people, and overwhelm
• Control anxiety and sleep better
• Build coping resources and resilience to manage any challenge 
• End burnout and get your life and drive back

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What Is Stress?

Stress isn't caused by any external event, deadline, or comment. It's caused by the story we tell ourself about the stressful event. If we change that story, we can stop the stress response.

As a stress management leader, author, and trainer, I have helped thousands of professionals, from health care to fire and rescue services, to technology and finance, understand the reflex trigger of stress and how to manage it.

Besides the work i do with organizations from IBM to Nestle, I also help people individually through one-on-one coaching and online classes. I give you the tools from the science to beat stress and burnout.

I am author of Work to Live, on how to avoid the stress and burnout trap, Don't Miss Your Life, on one of the best stress buffers, engaged life outside work, and many articles on stress management, such as "How to Turn Off Stress Instantly and Be as Smart as Your Dog" and "Work Stress Increases Risk of Heart Attack Even in Your Twenties."


Manage Stress by Managing Reactions

The stress response can go off within .02 one-hundredths of a second. It's so fast we have to be able to catch ourselves quickly once it goes off or be calm enough on the front end, so that we don't trigger in the first place. I help you use both of these ways to stop stress.

Stress is an emotional reaction that hijacks the modern mind and hands over control to an ancient part of the brain that houses raw, irrational emotions and thinks the year is 100,000 B.C. When something overloads your perceived ability to handle it, the ancient brain turns on the stress response and rash, impulsive, worst-case-scenario thinking.

If you don't challenge stress, it can turn into chronic stress and then over time into burnout, which strips away all your coping resources—physical, mental, and emotional. That can lead to serious health consequences, including stroke and depression.

The good news is that the thoughts of stress, like all thoughts, are not real. Learn how to manage the thoughts and emotions that fuel the stress-burnout cycle and get strategies to:

• Not take the stress bait
• Stop the hidden engine of stress: rumination
• Change pessimistic self-talk  
• Build coping resources and resilience
• Deploy the most effective tension reduction processes 
• Stop burnout and rebuild depleted resources
• Improve time management and set boundaries

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Why Is Stress Dangerous?

Stress is a byproduct of a brain that wasn't built for the social stressors of the modern world. It overreacts to anything that overloads ability to cope with it as if you are about to die. The pressure is real, but the alarm is false, unless you are in imminent physical danger.

The stress response was never meant to go on for longer than the time it took to get out of harm's way, because the longer it goes on, the more damage it does to your body. Stress makes harmful alterations to systems not needed in a life-or-death emergency. It dramatically increases heart rate and blood pressure, suppresses the immune system, increases the bad cholesterol, and shuts down digestion.

Keep this going for weeks and months, and it's highly dangerous to your health. The blood is moving with such force through veins and arteries that it can wear down the lining inside, creating craters for plaque to form obstructions. The impact of intense blood flow can thicken heart walls - increasing the risk of heart attack. Diabetes, irritable bowel, stroke - any number of major health issues can be set off by chronic stress.

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Swift, Successful Stress Management Coaching 

If you are in a high-stress environment at work or elsewhere, Stress Management & Burnout Recovery Coaching can help. I work with you in one-hour consultations via phone or Zoom webinar. You learn how to reframe stress and manage demands, so they don't manage you. I've helped people from Seattle to New York, Paris, Dubai, and Perth get relief from stress and burnout. 

Coaching is very effective at beating stress and burnout. And very fast. In a few sessions, clients are able to overcome long-running challenges that some tell me they have struggled with for years. Click the button below for details:

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Stress Management Classes 


You can also get stress management training by signing up for one of our online classes. They're convenient--every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday—available online wherever you are via Zoom webinar.

The class, called Calm in the Storm, gives you the ability to manage demands, turn off the false danger signal of the stress response, and handle any challenge. Learn how to reframe stress, control anxiety, identify and deactivate stress and burnout triggers, build resilience, manage self-talk, and improve optimism.  

You can view the class selection at our online classes page. Click the "Buy Class" button and then "Book Class" on the next page, and then the "Buy Now" button there to schedule and purchase.

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Make Stress Optional 

Stress thrives on not being challenged. Then the false beliefs behind stress can entrench as real in our brains. We wind up thinking and ruminating about the stressful event over and over. Rumination takes a false belief and makes it appear real. 

You can switch off that default and make stress optional through one-on-one stress management coaching and online classes. What stress would you like to send packing?

Click on the button below or connect with me at the contact info below to set up a free introductory consultation. 

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