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 “The most popular talk we've had in years.” — Shari Morwood, VP, IBM


Get Your Group Engaged, Motivated, and on Their Feet


That was the reaction of Meena Dayak, VP of Marketing for the National Council for Behavioral Health, to a presentation from Joe Robinson that she booked for the group's annual conference.

It's one of the most frequent reactions we get at Optimal Performance Strategies, from management to employees. Why? Because our keynotes and training programs make work and life function the way they are supposed to, by using the science of what's really productive to build a more effective, less hair-pulling path.

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A WORK-LIFE BALANCE trainer, speaker, and productivity and stress management leader whose work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and many others, Joe Robinson guides your audience through the adjustments that solve tough challenges—time management, stress, burnout, overwhelm, information overload, doing more with less, and work-family issues. One of the nation's top keynote speakers, he delivers a fun, interactive presentation that offers tools your team can put to work immediately.

Tools to Work Smarter, Live Better

Our work-life balance, productivity, employee engagement, and stress management training programs and keynotes help your staff work smarter and live better. They get practical tools and strategies in a fun, interactive format that makes sure everyone has a great time along the way. 

Your group gets proven tools to:

 Control email overload
 Manage stress and prevent burnout
 Reduce interruptions and distractions
 Increase focus and attention
 Reduce false urgency
 Build engagement and effort
 Develop sustainable work-life skills
 Boost vitality and wellness 

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The Heart of Employee Engagement 

Work-life audience does the samba

JOE ROBINSON helps your group discover the hidden culprit behind most of the challenges in the workday—reflex behavior, the retaliatory mode of acting before we think that drives stress, overwhelm, and work-life strain. He arms your audience with the most effective practices—from email and interruption management, to stress management, and resilience skills. He also provides critical recharging strategies to keep brains and bodies fueled. 

The focus in on optimizing the chief productivity tool, attention, and providing a road map to the heart of engagement—self-management, achievement, feeling valued, and the art of recharging and renewal. 

Our presentations are rooted in the science, so they get great buy-in. Audiences come away inspired and equipped with takeaways. Choose topics from Managing Crazy-Busy Workoad, to Work-Life Balance, Stress Management, Employee Engagement, and Information Overload. Give your audience the best tools from the latest science.

Sustain the New Skills

IN ADDITION TO our workshops and training programs, we offer ongoing support, including eight-week and annual sustainment programs to build in new skills. 

A Work-Life Balance, Productivity, Stress Management, or Employee Engagement training makes a great certificate course. Unleash the power of full engagement. 



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"Joe Robinson is a true inspiration."
—Brian Grazer
Producer ("A Beautiful Mind," "Da Vinci Code")
Co-Chair, Imagine Entertainment

"I'm getting such positive feedback from your talk, and from people who were skeptics. They loved your presentation. One of our top performers called me to say, 'I felt like he knew me and was just speaking to me about my life.' Wow! You were fantastic."
—Shari Morwood
Vice-President, IBM 

"We searched long and hard to find the right trainer for the challenges we face. We didn’t want airy-fairy or generalities, but something real and practical to help us with the uncertainties and challenges ahead. Joe Robinson was the best choice for our stress management training. He gave us the tools and reminders we needed to manage stress and navigate the journey ahead."
—Linda Sellan 
Marketing & Sales, Nestle Global

"Joe presented to our top sales group as well as our executive team on a recent awards trip. The presentation was on work-life balance. It was fun and interactive. It provided information and takeaways that the group put right to work. We had great feedback from the team and they thoroughly enjoyed his presentation, "Work Smarter, Live Better"!! Do yourself a favor and check Joe out!!! It is well worth it!!"
—Steve Newel 
Servicing Manager, Hallmark Home Mortgage

"I met Joe through a highly effective personal coaching session. I have also read his two books, which I found very motivating and adaptable to my own situation. As a result, I invited him to present a session to our top 50 managers and executives during our company's national meeting. Given the challenges we were facing in the business, his focus and training were ideal--and perfectly timed for our needs and our workforce. The feedback from the managers was universally positive!"
—Craig Willardson 
President and CEO, Moark LLC, $700 million division of Land O' Lakes 

"Joe’s productivity and work-life balance training for our leadership team was fun, interactive and relevant. Joe shared many strategies for managing work-life balance that will not only reduce stress on and off the job but will help increase satisfaction in both arenas."
—Martha Vanderheyden 
Internal Coach, Indiana University Health LaPorte Hospital

"I received many positive comments from staff who really appreciated your words of wisdom and all the scientific information that has helped us better understand how the brain works, how our emotions affect our work and decisions, and how to live a more balanced life. It was just what we needed this year to start off on the right foot focusing on how to manage our personal and professional lives with greater satisfaction."
—Amira Al-Sarraf 
Principal, New Horizon School

"Our staff really enjoyed Joe's presentation—lots of positive feedback.You have a great message and tips that can benefit all of us. I thought multitasking was a good thing. Not anymore!"
—Joseph Slade, Assistant Commissioner
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

"Was the workshop useful? 100% of employees said 'yes.' I am very pleased with the result. You offered tools and techniques that are easily implemented to make a significant difference in the workday."
—Rachael Seupersad
City of Calgary 

"Joe was an inspiration! His live sessions were fun and interactive. He gave us some valuable tools to carry forward." 
—Charla Eversole 
Truman Medical Center 

"Your message resonated with each person in the room. My team spends most of their waking hours focused so intently on work, the students, the teachers, and the parents, that many have lost touch with even the needs of their own families and most importantly, themselves. I am hopeful that if they take what you have so artfully presented to heart and put it into practice, that not only will they be more productive at work, but more importantly will get some of their personal lives back. Thank you for making a difference in my life and the lives of my team."
—Cheryl Meeker
Senior Director, Manteca Unified School District

"Joe was dynamite at our conference, motivating and energizing our audience. He managed to get every single person in the room, more than 400 people, on their feet doing a Brazilian samba. The hallways were buzzing afterwards with people determined to bring more balance into their lives. It was one of the highlights of the conference."
—Shannon Stowell
President, Adventure Travel Trade Assoc.

"Your material was very well-received by the managers. Thank you for providing this strategy that all overworked employees in large organizations should be aware of."
—Bob Nelson
IT Manager, Internal Revenue Service

"Excellent presentation! To be able to able to capture the interest and attention of educational professionals is impressive. More importantly, I think you really made an impact and changed some minds yesterday."
—Avante Simmons
College of the Desert

"Your talk was very refreshing and inspiring to all who attended. We got a great response. Especially memorable was your view on how technology has increased stress in the workplace and in our personal lives. Your techniques for dealing with this were practical and fun, especially the samba."
—Emily Mancini
Marketing Director, Employee Network Inc.