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Yes, there is a lot on everyone’s plates these days, but work-life balance and stress management leader Joe Robinson gives your group the skills to take care of it all, with tools vetted by the latest productivity research that increase effectiveness, decrease stress, and build resilience.

Featured on CNN, Today, and All Things Considered, Joe has brought his message of proactive self-management to overwhelmed audiences from New York to Los Angeles, and Mumbai, India to Bogota, Colombia, blazing a path to work smarter and live better.

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Tools for Overloaded Minds, Schedules, and Teams

See Video. Joe Robinson talks about the reflex habits that get in the way of effective performance and a balanced approach to work and life. The more you check email, the more you have to check it. Excess interruptions erode impulse control, blow up working memory, and lead to Attention Deficit Trait.

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Work Smarter, Live Better

See Video. Joe Robinson explains the hazards of working on autopilot and the keys to smarter work and a better work-life. Joe has appeared on the Today show and CNN, and has led programs for organizations from Amazon to IBM, Nestle, Kellogg's, the National Council for Behavioral Health, McDonald's, New York City Public Health, LEGO, Pfizer, and Anheuser-Busch.

Joe Robinson gives work life balance training

Inspire Your Team to Manage

Any Challenge

"You changed my life!" That was the reaction of Meena Dayak, VP of Marketing for the National Council for Behavioral Health, to a presentation by Joe Robinson that she booked for their annual conference. Participants leave Joe's programs empowered with proactive self-management strategies to solve tough pressure points.

A productivity and stress management leader whose articles have appeared on NBC News.com, and in the Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and many others, Joe Robinson guides your group through the adjustments that turn down stress and turn up performance — from time management, to stress management, information overload, interruption management, overwhelm, doing more with less, and work-family issues.

Author of the acclaimed Work to Live and Don't Miss Your Life and one of the nation's top keynote speakers, he gets everybody involved with a fun and interactive presentation.

Evidence-Based Tools You Can Put to Work Immediately 

Joe's keynotes and trainings make work and life function the way they are supposed to by using the science of what's really productive to build a more effective, less hair-pulling path. His programs are stocked with high-value takeaways and leave the generalities to others.

Your team gets evidence-based solutions for issues draining productivity and people. Employee training and keynote programs range from work-life balance, to stress management, resilience, burnout, productivity and time management, employee engagement, and navigating the world outside the office for the most gratified life. See program descriptions below.

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“They loved your presentation. Wow! You were fantastic.”

Shari Morwood - VP, IBM

“We searched long and hard to find the right trainer. We didn't want airy-fairy but something practical to help us with the uncertainties ahead. Joe Robinson was the best choice we could have made."

Linda Sellan - Marketing & Sales Manager, Nestle Global
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We were searching for a keynote speaker to deliver an engaging session at our company’s annual Leadership Meeting.  We wanted a speaker who could tailor their subject matter to fit our company culture and group dynamics, and Joe’s presentation did just that.  He hit a home run with our team. I would highly recommend him for others seeking a down-to-earth, creative speaking professional who will leave you with tactics and strategies that can be implemented immediately."

Ron Moeller - Director, Human Resources, MedQuest

“Joe Robinson's work-life balance training was extremely valuable to our supervisory staff. I'd recommend the training for any organization trying to find the right balance between high performance and employee engagement .”

Terry Field - Program Manager, Florida Department of Children and Families

“Joe was an inspiration! The sessions with Joe were fun and interactive. He gave us valuable tools to carry forward."

Charla Eversole - Truman Medical Center

"Joe presented to our top sales group and our executive team on a recent awards trip. The work-life balance presentation provided takeaways that the group put right to work. We had great feedback from the team. They thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. Do yourself a favor and check Joe out! It is well worth it!"

Steve Newell - Servicing Manager, Hallmark Home Mortgage

"Joe’s productivity and work-life balance training for our leadership team was fun, interactive and relevant. Joe shared many strategies for managing work-life balance that will not only reduce stress on and off the job but will help increase satisfaction in both arenas."

Martha Vanderheyden - Internal Coach, Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital

"Joe's training was ideal—and perfectly timed for our needs and workforce. The feedback from managers was universally positive!"

Craig Willardson - President & CEO, Moark LLC, $700 million division of Land O' Lakes
U Texas program

“Your talk included useful and important information presented clearly and cleverly, along with a nice touch of audience engagement. The audience learned something and enjoyed the experience. After almost 40 years of teaching and speaking at professional conferences I know very few people can do this effectively. You can and did!"

Kenneth Ottenbacher - Distinguished Chair, Rehabilitation Sciences, Univ. of Texas Medical Branch
New York City Health

“Our staff really enjoyed Joe's presentation—lots of positive feedback. You have a great message and tips that can benefit all of us. I thought multitasking was a good thing. Not anymore!"

Joseph Slade - Assistant Commissioner, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
HH Hunt Homes

“Thank you for spending the week with us and making an impact for our people and our company. I've heard nothing but very positive comments and feel that your message will make a difference in all our lives."

Dan Schmitt - President and CEO, HH Hunt Homes
GACSB program

“Joe presented at our annual conference, speaking to board members, senior leadership, and clinicians. Members are still talking about his presentation on work-life balance. Talk about speaking the truth. It was like being in church with all the 'Amen's' and 'YESes.' Joe is an inspiration, and we have all committed to making personal changes after his show!"

Robyn Garrett - Executive Director, Georgia Assoc. of Community Service Boards
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“Joe Robinson is a true inspiration."

Brian Grazer - Producer ("A Beautiful Mind," "Da Vinci Code"), Co-Chair, Imagine Entertainment
Logo for Ocean Spray

As we are almost a year into the pandemic, we felt a seminar on work-life balance was the perfect fit for our Ocean Spray Innovation virtual offsite event. Joe did a great job engaging the audience, even in the virtual world, through different exercises and breakout groups. It was a great session, and our group learned a lot of useful tactics to bring to the company! Thank you Joe!"

Adena Barber - Associate Innovation Manager, Ocean Spray
Kohler logo

“Our team loved the Work Smarter Live Better workshop led by Joe Robinson. Helping team members achieve optimal balance between work and life has never been more critical, and Joe’s content was right on the mark. We all left with tools and tactics we could utilize immediately to live a more fulfilling life personally and professionally."

Brandon McNeal - Senior Director, Sales, Home Depot and Home Depot.com, Kohler KBNA

Your Group Gets Proven Strategies to:

Manage stress and prevent burnout
Manage stress and prevent burnout
Control email and information overload
Control email and information overload
Set boundaries
Set boundaries
Reduce interruptions and distractions
Reduce interruptions and distractions
Manage time frenzy and multitasking
Manage time frenzy and multitasking
Increase attention and Motivation 2.0
Increase attention and Motivation 2.0
Boost the engine of resilience: optimism
Boost the engine of resilience: optimism
Build engagement and effort
Build engagement and effort
Boost vitality and wellness
Boost vitality and wellness
Activate life skills
Activate life skills
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The Heart of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can’t be commanded. Since it is defined as “discretionary” effort, willingly given by the employee, engagement can only be enabled.

Joe Robinson helps your team feel more valued, and as a result, more apt to deliver extra effort, by controlling the hidden culprit behind most of the challenges in the workday — reflex behavior, the retaliatory mode of acting before we think that drives stress, overwhelm, and work-life strain.

He arms your audience with the most effective practices — from email and interruption management, to stress management and resilience skills. He also provides critical recharging strategies to keep brains and bodies fueled.

The focus is on optimizing the chief productivity tool, attention, and providing a road map to the heart of engagement: self-management, achievement, competence, and physical and mental vitality.

Because his presentations are rooted in the science, they get great buy-in. Audiences come away inspired and equipped with new skills to manage work, life, and their own minds.

Programs That Transform

Overwhelm into Engagement

Make your conference, meeting, or retreat a resounding success with a presentation from work-life and productivity leader Joe Robinson. Choose from the five topics below — work-life balance, stress management, productivity/time management, employee engagement, and the skills of life satisfaction.


Work-Life Balance:
Work Smarter, Live Better

In an always-on world, it's very easy to get caught up in a work style that keeps us acting before we think, reacting to devices and others all day. It's an unsustainable pattern that leads to doing more than we can do well, stress, burnout, and reduced productivity.

There's a more productive way to work: thinking before we act, and managing pressures and the way we think about them. This inspirational training shows your team how to do that, by using the latest research and best practices to make key adjustments. 

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Stress Management program Calm in-the Storm tiny

Manage Stress, Overwhelm, and Change: Calm in the Storm

Stress and burnout are at record highs, according to the American Psychological Assoc. Help your team in challenging times to manage stress, reframe anxious thoughts, increase adaptability, defuse pressure, and build resilience with this critical stress management training.

Give your team the most effective tools to stop stress in its tracks. Inspire them to beat reflex reactions and emotions with the science of resilience and optimism. Turn off the danger signal of stress, and the stress response stops in three minutes.


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Productivity & Time Management: Managing Crazy-Busy Work

This program gives your team updated time management skills for the digital age. They learn strategies to get devices and distractions under control and restore the chief productivity weapon: attention.

From interruption management, to time management, to information management, your staff gets strategies proven by the science to produce smarter work and savvier self-management.

The program builds crucial attention, time estimation, and prioritization skills.

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Employee engagement and motivation tiny

Employee Engagement:
Supercharging Engagement

Hidden in every organization is a vast untapped potential that can boost profits, teamwork, and performance. Engaged employees are 28% more productive (Conference Board).

This program gives your organization the tools to unlock that enormous engagement potential through a work and communication style shown to unleash the trust, competence, and self-initiative that leads to fully engaged workers.

The presentation is not business as usual. It uses the latest motivation research to change how we think and work.

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Life Balance:
The Skills of Life Satisfaction

This inspirational program shows through the latest research how we can get more out of work and life when we understand our core psychological needs and where gratification and well-being come from.

Work and life can work together when we give our brain neurons what they really want. The program takes your team to the heart of where three schools of science say we are at our happiest.

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Work-life balance at work

Programs to Sustain the

New Skills

Beyond our workshops and training programs, we also offer ongoing support through work-life balance and stress management sustainment programs, including eight-week and annual programs to help your team hone their new skills and overcome challenges.

We can provide ongoing monthly webinars, surveys, and outreach to keep your team on track. Our Buddy Assist program offers incisive advice and support throughout the follow-up period.