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Drive Employee Engagement with Motivation 2.0

"Leadership is the art of getting someone to do what you want, because they want to do it," Dwight Eisenhower once remarked. He nailed it. Our employee engagement program is designed to make that shift in thinking, using the latest motivation science to unlock the untapped discretionary effort in your team. 

There are many good reasons to do so. Engaged employees are up to 28% more productive (Conference Board), but only 29% of employees are engaged (Gallup). Firms with the highest engagement have 3.9 times the shareholder return. Gallup estimates the cost from lost productivity due to disengagement at $300 billion a year. 

How much effort is being left on the table in your organization from unengaged or actively disengaged employees?



“We searched long and hard to find the right trainer. We didn't want airy-fairy but something practical to help us with the uncertainties ahead. Joe Robinson was the best choice we could have made."

Linda Sellan - Marketing & Sales Manager, Nestle Global

“They loved your presentation. Wow! You were fantasic!"

Shari Norwood - VP, IBM

“Joe Robinson's training was extremely valuable to our supervisory staff. I'd recommend the training for any organization trying to find the right balance between high performance and employee engagement."

Terry Field - Program Manager, Florida Department of Children and Families

“Joe presented to our top sales group and our executive team on a recent awards trip. The presentation provided takeaways that the group put right to work. We had great feedback from the team. They thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. Do yourself a favor and check Joe out! It is well worth it!"

Steve Newell - Servicing Manager, Hallmark Home Mortgage

“Joe's training was ideal--and perfectly timed for our needs and workforce. The feedback from managers was universally positive."

Craig Willardson - President & CEO, Moark LLC, $700 million division of Land O' Lakes
U Texas program

“Your talk included useful and important information presented clearly and cleverly, along with a nice touch of audience engagement. The audience learned something and enjoyed the experience. After almost 40 years of speaking and presenting at professional conferences, I know very few people can do this effectively. You can and did."

Kenneth Ottenbacher - Distinguished Chair, Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Texas Medical Branch

"Joe’s productivity and work-life balance training for our leadership team was fun, interactive and relevant. Joe shared many strategies for managing work-life balance that will not only reduce stress on and off the job but will help increase satisfaction in both arenas."

Martha Vanderheyden - Internal Coach, Indiana University Health La Porte
New York City Health

“Our staff really enjoyed Joe's presentation—lots of positive feedback. You have a great message and tips that can benefit all of us. I thought multitasking was a good thing. Not anymore!"

Joseph Slade - Assistant Commissioner, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
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“Joe Robinson is an inspiration."

Brian Grazer - Film Producer ("A Beautiful Mind," "Da Vinci Code"), Co-Chair Imagine Entertainment
HH Hunt Homes

“Thank you for spending the week with us and making an impact for our people and our company. I've heard nothing but very positive comments and feel that your message will make a difference in all our lives."

Dan Schmitt - President & CEO, HH Hunt Homes
GACSB program

“Joe presented at our annual conference, speaking to board members, senior leadership, and clinicians. Members are still talking about his presentation on work-life balance. Talk about speaking the truth. It was like being in church with all the 'Amen's' and 'YESes.' Joe is an inspiration, and we have all committed to making personal changes after his show!"

Robyn Garrett - Executive Director, Georgia Assoc. of Community Service Boards

Build Trust & Morale

Our employee engagement training brings progress, trust, and value to your team through the science of the most potent motivation, intrinsic motivation, or Motivation 2.0, as it has been called.

Employees who are intrinsically motivated are continuously interested in the work they are doing, the science shows (Harackiewicz, Elliot). They work for the inherent interest, excellence, or challenge, not for an external reward.

This powerful training gives your organization the tools to unleash this force and satisfy your employees' core needs. The research has documented that supporting core needs activates the main drivers of engagement — trust in leadership, acknowledging achievement, two-way communication, career development, and self-responsibility.


The Right Motivation

Training That Unlocks Extra Effort

We help your organization tap in to the inner aspirations that drive self-initiative. Engagement can't be commanded. It can only be enabled through the right motivation.

When you change how people think about work, the data shows that they can go from actively disengaged to engaged. That's our mission, activating self-propelled excellence with a new insight into what it is people really want and drives satisfaction.

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The Participant Difference

Employee engagement expert Joe Robinson unleashes your team's extra effort through a management system that solves the disengagement puzzle. Inspire your team to go the extra mile.

• Build a sense of purpose and mission 

• Help employees set challenging goals 

• Encourage more self-responsibility and assessment

• Use feedback that promotes skill & taps our crucial mastery need

• Increase participant opportunities

• Shift rewards to appreciation, not incentives

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Employee Engagement Training

Motivation 2.0: How to Get Employees to Go the Extra Mile

Hidden in every organization is a vast, untapped potential that can boost profits, teamwork, and productivity. Only 28% of employees are engaged at work, while 53% are not and 19% are disengaged, according to Gallup.

This program gives your team the tools to unlock that enormous engagement potential by giving employees the proper incentives and structures shown to produce the trust, competence, and self-initiative that leads to fully engaged workers.

We use the latest motivation research to change the way leaders and employees interact, following the science to new relationships based on a different kind of communication, self-responsibility, and internally-oriented goals.

If you would like to create a cohesive, enthused, and involved workforce, click the buttons on this page to find out how you can utilize your organization's biggest asset to the fullest.

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Engagement Payoffs

• Increasing employee satisfaction by 20% increases financial performance 40%. (Maister) 
• Highly committed employees produced a 112% return to shareholders over three years vs. 76% for low commitment employees. (Watson Wyatt).
• Companies growing by double-digits have 20% higher engagement levels than other firms. (Hewitt)
• Employees who are intrinsically motivated are continuously interested in their work. (Harackiewiez, Elliot)
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