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Get Tools for Crazy-Busy Times

Control Chaos and Overwhelm, Increase Productivity

The more you check email, the more you have to check it. Interruptions erode impulse control, reducing attention, the chief productivity tool. They also make any task you do seem more difficult than it is, driving stress. Multitasking is a myth. We set ourselves up to fail when the demands are running us, instead of the other way around. Time for an office intervention.

Our Managing Crazy-Busy Work time management and productivity program puts your team back in command of their day. Productivity happens when we think before we act. Your team learns how to:

• Control information overload, devices, interruptions, and intrusions

• Build prioritization skills and shut down time frenzy, crisis mentality, and mistakes

• Increase focus, alertness, and attention to get more done in less time

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We Build a More Effective Work Style

The source of productivity in the knowledge economy is who has the freshest brain—attention. But everything in the unbounded world today is reducing attention, from email to social media and multitasking. 

The Managing Crazy-Busy Work training turns the chaos and overwhelm around by making adjustments the science tells us are more productive for a more effective workplace.

Productivity leader and author Joe Robinson gives your team strategies to qualify urgency, plan next actions, improve time estimation, set the terms of engagement with devices, and shut down the hidden trigger of overwhelm: time frenzy. Be quick but don't hurry. Rush, and you turn on the mistake equipment.

Increase Focus, Concentration, and Attention

The Crazy-Busy time management program brings the power of full engagement and absorption in the task at hand. Full attention means less stress, quicker turnarounds, and more satisfaction. 

This timely training gives your team the latest tools vetted by researchers to increase behaviors that improve focus and stop doing the things that erode impulse control, fracture. attention, and make us default to the startle response, stress, and the emotional responses of bottom-up attention. Get strategies to:

• Control email, overload, devices, and messaging run amok

• Use interruption management strategies to navigate an unbounded world

• Build effective time management and prioritization skills

• Protect working memory from intrusions and distractions to get more done 

• Create focus zones for high-attention tasks


The Managing Crazy-Busy Work Program

This program gives your team the tools to navigate an always-on world. It arms them with practical time management strategies to control demands and devices and restore attention.

Unbounded interruptions erode attention spans and impulse control and can lead to attention deficit trait, marked by high distractibility and low focus. This program deploys the latest science to reverse that habit, and help your team get more done in less time, with full engagement.

Get proven processes to manage message overload, tame multitasking, improve time management, control interruptions, qualify urgency, cut stress, redesign task bottlenecks, and create focus zones. Click the button below for more details.



Crazy-Busy Behaviors Shred Productivity

Operating on reflex reaction all day drives stress and undermines focus, decision-making, impulse control, discipline, and effective performance. Luckily, there is a lot of great science showing how crazy-busy behaviors are counterproductive and how we can do better. Here are some of the findings:

• Time frenzy and time urgency, which all Type A's have, turn on System 1 thinking--rash, impulsive, jump-off-the-cliff

• Interruptions reduce primary task performance (Cutrell, Czerwinski)

• Productivity can drop 40% and more from multitasking (Meyer)

• An interruption of 2.8 seconds doubles mistakes, while an interruption of 4.4 seconds triples errors (Altman, Trafton, Hambrick)

• Distractions and intrusions increase anxiety and annoyance 106% (Bailey, Konstan), which drives stress and emotional reactions


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