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Get a Dynamic Keynote Address on Topics from Work-Life Balance to Motivation, Resilience, Happiness, Optimism, and Living the Fullest Life 

Seen on CNN and Today, work-life leader Joe Robinson brings powerful lessons from the science of motivation and positive psychology to your event to change lives for the better. Author of Work to Live and Don't Miss Your Life, Robinson empowers your audience with an inspiring, interactive presentation and proven tools that give your group practical ways to improve work, relationships, life satisfaction, motivation, and resilience. 


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WORK-LIFE BALANCE: Working Smarter

A credible work-life balance program is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost engagement, morale, and performance. Joe Robinson's Work Smarter program builds the skills that fuel success, with tools to manage stress, devices, email, information overload, help your team feel valued, and activate life outside the office.

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HAPPINESS: The Skills of Satisfaction

Researchers have found exactly what makes humans happy, but it isn't what we think. This inspirational program breaks down the skills we need to increase gratification, the long-term version of happiness. Some 60% of our potential happiness we have no control over. It's how we use the other 40% that makes the difference. Lift your audience sky-high with this popular program.

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Charge up your audience with a keynote that gives them a road map to the most potent motivation. Joe Robinson shows how to tap the inner forces that drive initiative and satisfy our three core needs. Studies show that when we are driven by internal goals, we stick with it no matter what. The problem is most of us have the exact opposite goals from what motivates. Unleash the engine within.

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LIFE BALANCE: Don't Miss Your Life

Life missing in action? This keynote will take care of that. Joe Robinson shows how to get off the sidelines and experience life as good as it gets. The key to activating the fullest life is a different skill-set than that of the work mind: the play mind. This program demonstrates through the science how to get life, friends, and family on the calendar. These are the best times of your life! 

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RESILIENCE: You Can Rally!

We all get knocked down, but what we tell ourselves about why it happened determines whether we bounce back or give up. This crucial keynote gives your audience tools to increase persistence, willpower, and resilience in the face of setbacks and uncertainty. Learn how to turn off the false danger signal of stress, end burnout, and avoid the pessimistic track to take on any challenge.

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OPTIMISM: The Power of Life's Silver Lining

"The optimist sees the donut; the pessimist sees the hole," wrote Oscar Wilde. Studies show that optimism can be the difference between good health and major medical problems and success and failure on the job and in relationships. Discover the power of positive emotions, which broaden and build, and how pessimism keeps us in a bunker. We need three positive events to every one negative to stay on the positive side. Go for the donut!

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