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Joe Robinson's "Work Smarter, Live Better" gives you proven tools from the science to manage a crazy-busy world.

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The Work-Life Balance and Stress Management Toolkit

Most of us today are under siege from a flood of digital noisemakers, ever-growing piles of to-dos, and frenzied colleagues who want your attention now, or preferably yesterday. No wonder stress and burnout are at all-time highs, according to the American Psychological Association.

Stress is triggered by the perception that something has overloaded your ability to handle it. That’s the definition of multiple things to do and overflowing email boxes.

The good news is that you can manage demands, instead of having them manage you, set boundaries on an unbounded world, and safeguard your mental health with hacks from the workplace science. Work-life balance and stress management leader Joe Robinson shows how in his new book, Work Smarter, Live Better: The Science-Based Work-Life Balance and Stress Management Toolkit.

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The Roadmap to Sustainable Work

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Humans don't have silicon chips. We have very constrained brains—working memory limits, self-regulation limits, attention limits, strain and stress limits.

We need a smarter way to use our brains and offices, so that we can bring maximum focus and minimum stress and burnout to our work. Luckily, researchers are here to help us, with workarounds that can get everything from email run amok to workload under control.

In Work Smarter, Live Better, Joe Robinson gives you adjustments from the workplace science that can make your work sustainable and open up a gratifying life.

Check out Joe Robinson's interview in Fast Company for more on brain boundaries: "Ever wonder where the day went? It’s not uncommon to reach the late afternoon, and marvel at why you didn’t gain more traction on your to-do list. That’s because the workstyle most of us have is reactive, says Joe Robinson, author of Work Smarter, Live Better."



• Manage stress and the thoughts that create it 

• Set boundaries on a 24/7 world

• Reduce time pressure and hurry-worry

• Control email and information overload

• Prevent and recover from burnout

• Increase optimism and resilience

• Recharge brain and body

• Activate the most gratifying life

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Work Smarter, Live Better gets to the root of the pain points of an always-on world and provides proven solutions for them. Underlying it all are defaults to reflex behaviors that drive stress, overwhelm, and burnout.

Reflexes are not our friends because they make us react before we think. The mission is to put the thinking first with a combination of mind and thought management, time management, and stress management. You get more done faster and keep stress at bay.

Joe Robinson has written for the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and many others. He has appeared on CNN, Today, All Things Considered, and in many other media outlets. He is also author of Work to Live and Don’t Miss Your Life.

Robinson has led work-life balance and stress management training programs for organizations from IBM to Nestle, Pfizer, Siemens, Amazon, Ocean Spray, and Imagine Entertainment, among many others.



“They loved your presentation. Wow! You were fantastic.”

Shari Morwood - VP, IBM

“We searched long and hard to find the right trainer. We didn't want airy-fairy but something practical to help us with the uncertainties ahead. Joe Robinson was the best choice we could have made."

Linda Sellan - Marketing & Sales Manager, Nestle Global

“Joe Robinson's work-life balance training was extremely valuable to our supervisory staff. I'd recommend the training for any organization trying to find the right balance between high performance and employee engagement.”

Terry Field - Program Manager, Florida Department of Children and Families

“Joe was an inspiration! The sessions with Joe were fun and interactive. He gave us valuable tools to carry forward."

Charla Eversole - Truman Medical Center
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THANK YOU for your time and expertise!  The team has raved about the sessions and, as a Business Management Team, we are actively working on adjustments to our business practices to try and operationalize some of the learnings! We REALLY enjoyed the time together and would highly recommend the sessions to other companies.  Thank you for making the program available to companies of our size!  It’s a difference-maker!"

Katie Smoot - EVP - Business Operations, Tanner Pharma Group

"Joe presented to our top sales group and our executive team on a recent awards trip. The work-life balance presentation provided takeaways that the group put right to work. We had great feedback from the team. They thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. Do yourself a favor and check Joe out! It is well worth it!"

Steve Newell - Servicing Manager, Hallmark Home Mortgage
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Joe presented at our annual conference, speaking to board members, senior leadership, and clinicians. Members are still talking about his presentation on work-life balance. Talk about speaking the truth. It was like being in church with all the 'Amen's' and 'YESes.' Joe is an inspiration, and we have all committed to making personal changes after his show!"

Robyn Garrett - Executive Director, Georgia Assoc. of Community Service Boards

"Joe’s productivity and work-life balance training for our leadership team was fun, interactive and relevant. Joe shared many strategies for managing work-life balance that will not only reduce stress on and off the job but will help increase satisfaction in both arenas."

Martha Vanderheyden - Internal Coach, Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital

"Joe's training was ideal—and perfectly timed for our needs and workforce. The feedback from managers was universally positive!"

Craig Willardson - President & CEO, Moark LLC, $700 million division of Land O' Lakes
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“As we are almost a year into the pandemic, we felt a seminar on work-life balance was a perfect fit for our Ocean Spray virtual offsite event. Joe did a great job engaging the audience, even in the virtual world, through different exercises and breakout groups. It was a great session, and our group learned a lot of useful tactics to bring to the company! Thank you Joe!"

Adena Barber - Associate Innovation Manager, Ocean Spray
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Your talk included useful and important information presented clearly and cleverly, along with a nice touch of audience engagement. The audience learned something and enjoyed the experience. After almost 40 years of teaching and speaking at professional conferences I know very few people can do this effectively. You can and did!"

Kenneth Ottenbacher - Distinguished Chair, Rehabilitation Sciences, Univ. Texas Medical Branch
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"I personally took away a lot from your program that I can apply to my day-to-day and work-life, so I am so happy to have found you to present for Xenon Pharmaceuticals. Even with the presentation being held virtually due to Covid, everyone was engaged and truly interested, which showcases how excellent the presentation and material was. Our team now has tools to manage stress and bring balance to our lives."

Cassandra Robinson - Corporate Paralegal, Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
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“Joe Robinson is a true inspiration."

Brian Grazer - Producer ("A Beautiful Mind," "Da Vinci Code"), Co-Chair Imagine Entertainment
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Our staff really enjoyed Joe's presentation—lots of positive feedback. You have a great message and tips that can benefit all of us. I thought multitasking was a good thing. Not anymore!"

Joseph Slade - Assistant Commissioner, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
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This session came at a great time for our employees with so many feeling the burden of stress.  Joe was engaging and gave great tips on reducing stress and taking control of the day."

Katie Rothstein - Health Promotion Specialist, Optum Workplace Well-Being, for KeyBank, KeyCorp
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“Our team loved the Work Smarter Live Better workshop led by Joe Robinson. Helping team members achieve optimal balance between work and life has never been more critical, and Joe’s content was right on the mark. We all left with tools and tactics we could utilize immediately to live a more fulfilling life personally and professionally."

Brandon McNeal - Senior Director, Sales, Home Depot and Home Depot.com, Kohler KBNA