These employees improved work-life balance at staff training 

Work-Life Balance Fuels Engagement

EMPLOYEES WHO FEEL they have good work-life balance work 21% harder than those who don't, according to a survey by the Corporate Executive Board, which represents 80% of Fortune 500 companies. Is your company leaving effort and dedication on the table?

THAT EXTRA EFFORT is the definition of employee engagementand the dividend of great morale. Our work-life balance programs build engagement by giving your team tools to work more effectively, manage demands, and feel more valued. Work-life training is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to keep your staff engaged.

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Increase Performance and Work-Life Survey Scores

Full employee engagement slideSO WHAT IS WORK-LIFE BALANCE, ANYWAY? It's a strategy of adjustments to work and life that allows your team to feel their responsibilities are under control. We show your team how to work more productively, control demands, be more engaged, and navigate the work-life divide.

OUR TRAINING PROGRAMS guide your team through the latest science to equip them with better ways to work, from time management, to stress management, attention management, device management, interruption management, refueling strategies, wellness tips, and living a more gratified home life. With so many improvements, it's no wonder studies show that work-life balance programs increase, not just effort, but retention and revenues (right column).

WE BUILD ENGAGEMENT SKILLS by instilling the most potent motivation—intrinsic, which fuels core competence and achievement needs that increase satisfaction.

Actionable Tools Wherever You Are on the Globe

OUR WORK-LIFE BALANCE PROGRAMS use the latest research tools to help teams and individuals work smarter. We help organizations around the world solve the universal challenges of an unbounded, unamanaged, leaner world.

The focus is on adjusting work style for better work, health, and life outcomes. The training provides strategies to:

Manage the stress reflex
Eliminate the cycle of burnout
Control email and information overload
Manage interruptions and attention
Improve time management
Develop prioritization skills
Refuel brains and bodies
Deploy the most potent motivation for engagement
Improve health and wellness
Activate the most fulfilling life

Unleash the Engine of Engagement: Vitality

THE LIFE PIECE OF "WORK-LIFE" often gets overlooked, but it's an engine of productivity and vitality, in other words, energy, which researchers say is the main dimension of employee engagement. The brain fatigues well before the body. Our chief productivity tool needs recovery strategies to operate at full capacity.

OUR PROGRAMS HELP YOUR TEAM refuel attention with practices the science shows increase focus and productivity during the workday and after work that reduce fatigue and bring more positive affect to the office the next day. We also help your team activate the fullest life outside work, helping them unlock engaging experiences that fuel optimism and satisfaction.

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