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Productivity management workshops to increase performance 

Manage Digital Time, Devices, and Distractions 

THE AVERAGE EMPLOYEE today sends/receives 125 emails a day and gets dozens of Instant Messages and texts. Intel found that email overload costs $1 billion a year in lost productivity for a large company. Is your team managing the flood or in triage mode?

Time management has never been more important than in today's unbounded digital world. Our productivity and time management programs help your team manage devices, distractions, interruptions and the frenzy they cause, as well as prioritize and restore focus. We teach them how to work in a more effective way—by making key adjustments the science has shown to be the most productive way to get the job done. 

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We Build a More Effective Work Style

Your team learns how to manage demands, instead of being managed by them. They get strategies to qualify urgency, plan next actions, improve time estimation, set boundaries, control email and interruptions, set the terms of engagement with devices, and shut down the hidden trigger of overwhelm: time urgency.

The goal is full engagement, absorption in the task at hand. Full attention brings more control over the work environment, less stress, quicker turnarounds, and more satisfaction.

Increase Attention, Engagement, and Performance

We help your team manage chaos and overwhelm as it improves performance in a crazy-busy world. This timely training gives your employees the latest tools vetted by researchers to increase effectiveness, reduce mistakes, and speed innovation. Get strategies to:

• Control information overload

• Deploy interruption management

• Build effective time management and prioritization

• Redesign task bottlenecks

• Set successful boundaries

• Create focus zones for high-concentration tasks

• Increase attention and manage the pitfalls of multitasking

• Separate the "urgent" from the "important"

• Boost vitality and work-life for more energy on the job

Learn How Your Team Can Be More Productive

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