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Joe Robinson details more effective ways to work at a productivity workshop in Irvine, California.

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The Art of Effectiveness

This program gives your organization the tools to work smarter and more effectively. It arms leaders and staff with the best research tools to control chaos and overwhelm and enhance the chief productivity tool, attention.

Autopilot is not a strategy for effective performance. It drives false urgency, stress, and rushing, which kick attention down to the lowest floors of the brain.

Increase performance with a system that brings full engagement to every task, allowing your team to get more done in less time, with more focus, better results, and less distractions and stress. 

This lively, interactive program offers easy-to-learn, proven processes to control information overload, cut stress, redesign task bottlenecks, improve prioritization, create focus zones, and upgrade project management. Click here for more presentation information...

Proven Productivity Factors

Less stress. Stress reduces critical thinking and productivity. (Halkos)
Managing interruptions. (Cutrell, Czerwinski)
Email management. Lost productivity from e-overload can cost up to $1 billion a year for large companies. (Intel)
Limiting multitasking. Productivity can drop 40% and more doing 2 or more tasks at once. (Meyer)
Collective goals, structured dialogue. (Perlow)
Telecommuting. Some 69% of employees in a Cisco survey cited higher productivity. The program saves the company $277 million annually.
Taking a break (Savage, Pipkins). Breaks can boost productivity 13%. (Bechtold, Janaro, Sumners)
Supporting progress and meaningful work. (Amabile, Kramer)
Playfulness. Increases productivity and innovation. (Yu, Ping, Wu, Chen, Lin)


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Productivity gets a caffeine boost 

Get More Done with Less Caffeine

If it's hectic where you are, you're not alone. Most organizations are caught up in a tide of overwhelm and distraction that is draining performance and driving a host of unproductive habits, from quick fuses, to chronic stress, to attention deficit trait. Five-Hour Energy and caffeine-binging only makes the frenzy worse.

A recent LexisNexis Workplace Productivity study found that professionals “feel overwhelmed, demoralized.” It cited the toll of information overload in bringing people and systems to their knees.

Performance, and the chief productivity tool, attention, are taking a beating in the process. Some 91% of Americans say they delete work emails without fully reading them, while 60% are having trouble focusing on the task at hand from all the interruptions. 

We Build a More Effective Work Style

Our Productivity Management programs build a style of work that's actually based on something productive—the research. Your team learns how to do tasks and solve challenges with proven tools, not raw emotion and triage—and think before they act.

The goal is full engagement, absorption in the task at hand, which brings more control over the work environment, less stress, better results, and more satisfaction with the finished product. 

Optimal Performance Training

We can help your organizations break through the distractions and detours with an Optimal Performance training. This timely program gives your organization the latest tools vetted by researchers to get more done in less time—and with a lot less aggravation. Get strategies to:

• Control information overload and interruptions

• Build effective time management and prioritization

• Redesign task bottlenecks

• Motivate, reward, and recognize

• Stick to a targeted to-do list, not a laundry list

• Set successful boundaries

• Create focus zones for high-concentration tasks

• Increase attention and manage the pitfalls of multitasking

• Set realistic targets and deadlines

• Separate the "urgent" from the "important"

• Boost vitality and work-life for more energy on the job

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