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FULL ENGAGEMENT. Joe Robinson discusses some of the obstacles in the way of employee engagement. Our programs unlock the extra effort fueled by trust, purpose, and internal goals.

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Supercharging Employee Engagement

Hidden in every organization is a vast untapped potential that can boost profits, teamwork, and performance. Only 28% of American workers are engaged at work, while 53% are not engaged, and 19% are disengaged, according to Gallup.

This program gives your organization the tools to unlock that enormous engagement potential by giving employees the proper incentives and structures shown to produce the trust, competence, and self-initiative that leads to fully engaged workers.

This presentation is not business as usual. We use the latest motivation research to change the way leaders and employees interact. We follow the science to new relationships based on two-way communication, self-assessment, more choice, more shared decisions, and internally oriented goals.

If your organization would prefer not leaving effort and dollars on the table, and would like to create a cohesive, enthused, and involved workforce, click one of the buttons on this page and let's explore how this proven system can utilize your company's biggest asset to the fullest.  

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It Pays to Engage

Increasing employee satisfaction by 20% increases financial performance 40%. (Maister) 
Highly committed employees had a 112% return to shareholders over three years vs. 76% for low commitment employees. (Watson Wyatt).
Companies growing by double-digits have 20% higher engagement levels than other firms. (Hewitt)
Employees who are intrinsically motivated are continuously interested in their work. (Harackiewiez, Elliot)


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Employee Engagement Programs

Productivity gets a caffeine boost 

The Engagement Edge

It's common sense and science. Trust and value employees, and you unlock the engagement edge, the discretionary effort that has been shown to make a huge difference in profits and performance, as employees go the extra mile. 

Firms with the highest engagement have 3.9 times the shareholder return. Gallup estimates the cost from lost productivity due to disengagement at $300 billion a year. Engaged employees are up to 28% more productive (Conference Board).

Building and sustaining employee engagement not only boosts productivity, but also stress management and work-life balance. Researchers say that engagement and its key dimensions—dedication, vigor, and absorption—are the antidote to burnout.

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Build Trust and Morale 

Employees are more dedicated when they feel a valued part of a shared process. They are more motivated when they are given the support to get around obstacles and more committed to their work when they are recognized for their competence.

Key to the satisfaction that drives extra effort is a sense of growth and progress. Harvard's Teresa Amabile and researcher Steven Kramer found that progress in meaningful work is the primary employee motivator, and that 95% of managers don't know it.

Our employee engagement program brings progress, trust, and value to your teams through the science of human motivation and gratification. Thanks to the research, we know exactly what employees need to feel satisfied.  

The program gives your organization the tools to satisfy your employees' core needs, such as autonomy and competence. A host of science and case studies show that supporting core needs activates the main drivers of engagement—trust in leadership, acknowledging achievement, two-way communication, career development, and shared decision-making.

Full Engagement Training

We help your organization tap in to the inner aspirations that drive self-initiative. It turns out that full engagement doesn't come from the usual external rewards, from financial incentives or other traditional carrots. The science shows that it comes from activating the most potent motivation on the planet—intrinsic motivation—and the self-propelled excellence that comes with it.

Our Full Engagement program unleashes extra effort within team members through a system that transforms workplace behavior and engagement. Key elements of the program include: 

• A rationale for why tasks are being done

• Less controlling structures, more informational ones

• Rewards as appreciation, not motivation

• Helping employees set challenging goals and providing latitude to achieve them

• Encouraging more self-responsibility and assessment

• Feedback that promotes competence 

• Supporting employee development and well-being

• Involvement in decision-making and ability to contribute

• Facilitating purpose through intrinsic motivation

Supercharge Your Staff with a Full Engagement Training

Building trust and shared vision takes a concerted effort between leaders and teams to change the way work is done. We can help you through the process, from engagement surveys to identify the key issues to sustainment programs to keep the progress going.  

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