Work-Life Balance Coaching

Work Smarter, Live Better

WE ALL HAVE A LOT ON OUR PLATES these days, but there are great tools to help us manage it—and the stress amd burnout that can come with it. One of them is coaching, one-on-one training that helps you solve challenges in your way at work or in life. 

HOW DOES IT WORK? We 6 one-hour sessions via phone or Skype to identify your goals and challenges and chart a path to the work and life you want. We adjust approaches, build more effective practices, help you manage demands and difficult people, and activate a more gratifying life. It's very effective and very fast. 

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? Cut stress? End burnout? Get more organized? Be more productive? Control email overload? Have more life? We work together to make it happen. 

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One-on-One Training Wherever You Are on the Globe

imag_book.jpgMY PROGRAM USES AN ARRAY OF TOOLS and strategies that are available in the research, but that we never hear about. It's based on proven training practices that I've brought to organizations from IBM, to Kellogg's, and the University of California at Los Angeles Counseling Center and written extensively about in my books, such as Work to Live and Don't Miss Your Life, audio programs, such as The Email Overload Survival Kit, and in articles for publications from Entrepreneur Magazine, to Fast Company, to the Los Angeles Times.

WHO DO I COACH? All kinds of people who are interested in moving forward and removing obstacles in their way. Like the real estate agent whose stress was so severe, she could only sleep a couple of hours a night. Like Charles, the systems engineer in the video below who was overwhelmed by his workload. Like the CEO who had a heart attack. And didn't want another. Or the lawyer whose life was missing in action. And accountants, software engineers, and everyone is between.

Break Through to the Work & Life You Want

I KNOW COACHING CAN WORK FOR YOU because I've seen it work time and time again—with quick, dramatic improvement on work issues and a clear path to achieve goals for success on the job and off. Here's what one client said: 

"Joe's advice gave me the courage to take back my life, challenge my fear of imperfection, and realize that guilt is a choice. Thank you, Joe!" —Kristen, government attorney

WE MAKE THE ADJUSTMENTS that help you manage stress, time frenzy, devices, and information, prioritize, set boundaries, and get control of your work environment and life. The more control, the less stress and overwhelm.

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Live the Fullest Life

Dont_Miss_Your_Life_cover_sm.jpgTHE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORK-LIFE HYPHEN, life, often gets overlooked, but it's key to work, and, of course, it's what the work is all about. How we recharge and engage with our world off-the-clock fuels performance on the job, connects us with family and friends, and provides the gratification of a life well-lived.

In my book, Don't Miss Your Life, which shows through the science and passions of life enthusiasts how to activate the fullest life, a brave Texan named Heather Burcham put it into perspective. She was diagnosed with a fatal case of cervical cancer in her twenties and set out to live as much as she could in her remaining months. She said, "You are so lucky. You get to live every moment." And we do--if we act.

NO MATTER HOW HECTIC YOUR SCHEDULE, how busy, you can do this. It's easy, affordable, and the benefits can last a lifetime. 

Manage Demands, Set Boundaries

AS THE SAILORS SAY, you can't control the wind, but you can adjust the sails. Let's start adjusting. Here are just a few of the benefits you can get from one-on-one coaching: 

Learn how to manage stress and anxiety
Get overwhelm and workload under control 
End the burnout cycle of exhaustion
Control email overload
Improve time management skills
Set boundaries and speak up
Manage difficult people
Activate the fullest life

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