In our busy lives it's hard to get to the living we are making for ourselves. But we can't wait till it's too late. This Life Balance class gives you the skill-set and inspiration to live your fullest life now, not later. Learn the skills of satisfaction through the latest research on happiness, optimal experience, and intrinsic motivation. Sign up for The Missing Piece of Happiness class and the road map to life as good as it gets, taught by work-life balance leader Joe Robinson, seen on CNN and Today and author of Don't Miss Your Life


  • Discover the three core needs we don't know we need to be happy
  • See why there's no success like recess
  • Discover the power of experiences
  • Learn how to unlock the 40% of happiness you control
  • Turn affinities into passions
  • Add 8 hours of joy to your week
  • Deploy the 7 skills you can't live without

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Life is out there if you are! 

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